Songwriter Andy is going solo

Andy Unsworth
Andy Unsworth

A WIGAN singer-songwriter is heading out on his own to launch his first single as a solo artist.

Swinley guitarist and vocalist Andy Unsworth has previously played with the likes of The Atomic Hound Dog and Reason To Lie but is now preparing to release his first solo single Better Than Zero.

Andy says he decided to leave playing in bands behind due to a desire for a new challenge as a musician, and excitedly describes the new project as the biggest thing he has ever done.

The single will be launched on his own Unified Theory Records label and Andy says his new music will be familiar to fans of his former work but also breaks new ground.

He said: “I wanted a new challenge to see what I could do myself. I did some songwriting and they came out of recording fantastically well so I thought I would see how far this could go.

“It’s going to be nationally released and it’s the first time I’ve done anything this big. The Atomic Hound Dog was popular in Wigan and we had some big shows across the country but this is exciting for me as well.

“The music nods towards my previous stuff in bands but I keep hearing new influences. I like reading reviews because sometimes I get compared to people I have to look up myself.

“There’s obvious links to acoustic singer-songwriters such as Ryan Adams or Evan Dando but I’ve also had some really crazy ones.”

Andy recorded Better Than Zero at the Old Court Studio in Wigan town centre with producer and Merry Hell guitarist John Kettle, and says he will be returning there to record an EP which will come out next year.

He performed as a solo act on the Wigan Warriors showcase stage before the derby with St Helens earlier this year and says he is also looking forward to getting on the road as a solo act.

He said: “The single is a big anthemic rocker but the EP will be a lot more stripped down and acoustic.

“I think the single is probably the best thing I’ve ever recorded and this is the purest version of my music in terms of how I intended it to sound. I think this is a natural progression, the next thing, and I certainly wish the best of luck to all my old bandmates”

Better Than Zero by Andy Unsworth is out on Saturday December 6 via iTunes and Amazon on Unified Theory Records. For more information visit