Songwriter from Stateside to perform

Ben Arthur
Ben Arthur

A SINGER-songwriter will cross the pond to play an intimate acoustic gig for the borough’s music fans as part of his UK tour this weekend.

New York-based musician Ben Arthur will bring his brand of music influenced by the US roots scenes and pop to Lowton Social Club while touring his upcoming album Call and Response on Sunday.

Ben will perform in the upstairs room at the Newton Road venue on a bill which also includes acoustic blues singer John Ridyard in a support slot.

Lowton musician John says he hopes the small venue will recreate the intimate feel of the last gig where he shared the stage with Ben, a rather unusual festival near Chorley.

He said: “We played at Brindle Rocks which is a series of house gigs, where music fans open up their homes if they are big enough and about 30 or 40 people pay to listen. You can hear a pin drop, it’s not like the usual venues.

“Ben will be performing in the small upstairs room at Lowton so hopefully it will be similar. It’s a chance to see a really first-rate musician close up and hear the songs how he first wrote them, in a really stripped-down format.

“Describing his sound is difficult but he has a really sardonic sense of humour and sings about unusual subjects.”

Ben’s successful career has seen him play alongside artists such as Tori Amos and the Dave Matthews Band, while he also hosts an American radio show SongCraft Presents, in which he writes and records a song in collaboration with another artists over the course of a day.

Ben Arthur and John Ridyard will play at Lowton Social Club on Sunday, September 14 from 8pm. Entry is £10 to be paid on the door.