The Storm Lanterns lighting up rock scene

The Storm Lanterns
The Storm Lanterns
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THREE pupils whose band has recently begun performing on the Wigan scene is hoping to give the town’s music fans a lesson in playing indie-rock.

The Storm Lanterns, made up of St John Fisher High School pupils Rob Jones on lead guitar and vocals, Josh Hart on bass and keyboard and James Harvey on drums, have been making an impact on the town’s venues this year.

The musicians, who are all 16 years old and have known each other since attending primary school together, mix contemporary influences from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys with a love of classic rock and prog acts such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

The Storm Lanterns, who have mostly been performing covers so far but have recently started introducing front man Rob’s songs into their sets, came up with their evocative name after using their impressive scientific knowledge to name the band created misunderstandings on the Wigan scene.

Rob’s dad Gareth said: “They were originally called The Syzygy, which is the name given to a celestial alignment of three or more heavenly bodies, but people kept calling them The Synergy so they decided to change it.

“They kept throwing ideas for names out and the only one they could all really agree on was The Storm Lanterns, so they went for that.

“They’ve got a wide range of covers from Song 2 by Blur to Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones, and Rob has also written Peroxide, which is a great little number and one of the fastest tracks they’ve done. It feels like a young, raw Arctic Monkeys before they became more polished.”

The band has played at Wigan venues including Docherty’s in Swinley, Indiependence and The Pagefield in Springfield, and hopes to appear at an open-air event in Mesnes Park in May.

The band enjoys listening to and performing a wide range of music, with the group’s setlist even including a version of Hey Ya by Outkast.

The Storm Lanterns are currently taking a break from the music scene while the band members sit their GCSE exams, but they hope to return to the live circuit this summer and then continue developing the band at college.

Rob said: “It’s great that we’ve known each other so longer, because I think a band which plays together stays together.

“I write songs about things I see everyday, people and events at school and things which go on in the world around me. We all love playing gigs but I’d like to really focus on writing and getting our own songs together, because covers don’t get you anywhere.”

To find out more about the band, search for The Storm Lanterns on Facebook.