The Troubadours are back!

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FORGET the Stone Roses, this is the news that plenty of Wigan music fans have been waiting the last two years to hear.

The successful Troubadours will reform for a one-off gig this Christmas.

December will see the Wigan rock outfit come together again after splitting in 2009.

Lead singer Mark Frith who has gone on to form the Captive Hearts, told Music Scene, what brought him and the three original members, Tony Ferguson, Johnny Molyneux, Elmo Nino back together again.

Mark said: “A Liverpool magazine got in touch saying they had asked the music scene who they would like to see at a big gig in December and I’m told we were the major answer.

“They asked me about it and I’ve mulled it over for a few weeks and thought we have to do it, people still love the band and want to see us.

“We haven’t rehearsed yet or even met up but we’ve spoken over the phone and it’s been great putting nonsense behind us, we’re totally doing it for the right reason and the only reason: the fans.

“These people, still after a two years of no activity still want to see us, and I think that is testament to the band and the music we have created.”

The Troubadours launched in 2005 and enjoyed success in England and most notably in Japan.

Cited as one of Q Magazine’s Best New Acts of 2008, the lads were remembered for their debut single, Gimme Love and then (I’m Not) Superstitious.

But Wigan fans who don’t want to miss out on this special gig will have to travel to Liverpool to be a part of it.

Mark added: “The gig is in Liverpool merely because a Liverpool magazine got the ball rolling with it.

“So far it is only for one gig, as we’re all in different bands and have different things going on in our lives.

“If the night turns out to be a sell-out and it feels right we’ll either know it’s time to say goodbye or we’ll decide if we want to go back out and tour.

“It will be a great night with people from all over the country coming to see us.”