They’re the Spiders from bars

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MUSIC fans hoping to hear some good tunes this weekend should head down to the Cherry Gardens for a night of indie rock.

Wigan band Spidermonkeys will be performing a selection of cover songs in the latest of their regular appearances at the Wigan Lane venue on Saturday evening.

The band, made up of guitarist and vocalist Luke Taylor, guitarist Robin Abraham, bassist Sam Maiden and drummer Philip Hazoume, have an eclectic repertoire ranging from tunes by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Oasis to classic songs by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and T-Rex and the music of modern rock acts such as Muse and Foo Fighters.

The band play at the Cherry Gardens every couple of months, and the venue’s stage also sees regular appearances from acoustic duo Dinky Monkeys, which is made up of Luke and Sam playing their individual, stripped-down versions of indie and rock songs.

The band’s sound is also honed by their frequent appearances in the live arena, which include playing to pubs and clubs across the region as well as headlining beer festivals across the North West, including successful sets at Wigan and the Bent and Bongs Beer Bash held in Atherton.

The Cherry Gardens gigs are just one of numerous opportunities for Wigan music fans to check Spidermonkeys out this autumn, with the band playing at venues across the borough including The Boulevard and Georgia Brown’s in Hindley.

Cherry Gardens promoter Chris Taylor said: “I put them on quite regularly.

“They’ve got quite an Oasis-type vibe and also quite an indie sound.

“They’ve also got quite a good following and it’s usually a very decent night whenever they play.”

The gig at the Cherry Gardens is on Saturday, September 22.

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