Tiredness Kills are well awake

Tiredness Kills
Tiredness Kills

THERE’S no time to be tired in this band and life shows no sign of slowing down for the five lads of Tiredness Kills.

Since Music Scene last caught up with Tiredness Kills, it’s been one exciting event after another.

From recording new material, to playing a multitude of gigs to having a track played on a Dutch radio station, it’s all go.

Bass player Steve Jones told Music Scene just what’s been happening.

He said: “So much has happened since we last spoke.

“We’ve been back in the studio and recorded three new tracks, Space Dogs which it easily the heaviest track we’ve ever written.

“In contrast to that was Standing in the Rain which is a semi-acoustic ballad and then Jaded Days which is a archetypal Tiredness Kills track and was recently played on Dutch radio station Radio Plezier which goes out in Rotterdam.

“We’re not even sure how that came about but it’s great all the same.

“Our singer Dave O’Toole was contacted by the DJ not long before the show went out on air and asked permission to play the song on his show which goes out on Saturday evenings.

“We know the video for Jaded Days which was filmed live at The Boulevard in Wigan has quite a good response on You Tube so maybe he found us via that.”

“Then a local filmaker asked could she use one of our songs in a video she was putting together and we’re now in the process of putting an album together.

“And in between, have been playing lots of gigs so it’s all go.”

Tiredness Kills which is made up of Jonny Aspey on drums, Gareth Eldrige on guitar and vocals, guitarist Dave Barlow, Steve on bass and Dave O’Toole on vocals, will play at The Tudor on November 18.

The 2010 Haigh Fest performers are also celebrating success as the video for Leave Me Alone has reached 11,000 hits on Youtube.

Steve added: “We’ve been playing a lot of pubs lately and slipping in our own material in-between covers as we’ve discovered it’s a great way to get our own songs out there.

“We will perform all our own material at The Tudor though.

“We’re really looking forward to it as writing and playing our own songs is what we do best and the reason we all got together and formed a band in the first place.

“When we play The Tudor however it’ll be all our own material.”