Trip to the dark side with Hume


ONE of Wigan’s most experimental up-and-coming bands are preparing for the release of their debut EP.

Four-piece Hume will showcase their unique, ethereal sound featuring a combination of down-tempo beats and heavily-synthesised sounds on first release The Minds.

The group, made up of Sam Lindblad on synthesisers and vocals, guitarist Alex Donnolly, bassist, bass synth player and vocalist Paul Holding and drummer Bhavin Thaker, originally met in a maths class and discovered their musical chemistry after forming a temporary group for a college performance.

After a year and a half together and lots of experimenting the Winstanley College students feel they have well and truly found their sound, with Hume’s music combining a heavily-modified guitar with oscillating bass frequencies to create the dark ambience the band is so keen to preserve.

Guitarist Alex said: “I often spend my time tweaking guitar effects. They often feature compressed and distorted reverbs that sound like a cathedral has exploded.

“Most of the tracks are pretty heavily compressed, giving us a thick wall of sound, similar to that of Tame Impala.”

The experimental song-writing process has allowed the band to constantly adapt to their moods and surroundings, playing with sounds until they find the perfect combination.

The group has spent hours of free time locked away in the practice room and accumulating the instruments needed to create their electronic sound, and will launch their debut EP with two gigs, one in Manchester city centre and one a little closer to home.

Alex, who is also the group’s producer and sound engineer, says the band feels the five tracks on The Minds reflects Hume’s individuality and admits they like to do things themselves.

He said: “I studied media at college, so in terms of the audio production, I have done it all myself. We have done the artwork too, we just like to be involved in every aspect.

“The EP sounds exactly how we wanted it to be. It is our proudest achievement to date.

“We are all feeling positive about the launch and getting our sound out there, which is a sound we have worked really hard to create and make unique to Hume.”

The Minds, by Hume, is released on Tuesday February 3 and will be given out for free.

The band will launch the EP at Factory 251 in Manchester on February 6, with a second event at The Engine Rooms in Skelmersdale later in the month.

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