TV debut and new record

Two Weeks Running
Two Weeks Running
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PERFORMING at Haigh Fest proved it wasn’t the last chance for this five-piece.

Now known as Two Weeks Running, the Wigan and Horwich lads have started 2012 with a bang.

Recently having one of their tracks featured on Channel 4’s popular show, Hollyoaks, Alex Goulding, 21, Adam Quinn, 23, Jon Wilkes, 23 Phil Alstead, 23 and Sam Goulding 23 are currently recording their second EP with Sugar House Music.

Guitarist Jon said: “Our track, Back To The Old Beat was featured on Hollyoaks not long back.

“We were contacted by a licensing company who provide music for television shows.

“We submitted a few songs from our latest EP and heard nothing for a while.

“We first found out that we had been played on the show when a friend of ours sent us a message saying that he had just heard one of our songs, we didn’t believe it until we heard it for ourselves.

“There are a lot of unsigned bands out there like us, making decent music so it’s definitely a good way for them to reach a wider audience.”

Two Weeks Running have been performing together for seven years - an age for most unsigned bands.

The Haigh Fest performers have started the New Year with a bang by releasing a track on The Laboratory Project’s Taste Masters Three album, by former Ministry Of Sound Director, Tony Rigg, performing on local radio stations, planning a tour and deciding on a name change.

Jon added: “We were just 16 years old when we started playing together under the name Last Chance.

“Since then, seven years have passed and we are writing completely different music to what we were back then.

“After a couple of recent line-up changes it felt like we needed a name change to give us a fresh start.”

“We’re still recording at the moment and in April will begin our first tour of the UK, which we hope to include some summer festivals.

“Playing at Haigh Fest gave us the opportunity to play at a large event and it helped us to gain a lot of new fans.”

•Two Weeks Running can be found on Facebook.