Tweet and receive rock band’s new album

Cautious Retreat
Cautious Retreat

A WIGAN band hopes to open a new chapter in music distribution after teaming up with a management company to offer tunes in exchange for tweets.

Five-piece pop-rock band Cautious Retreat is offering fans the chance to get online and download its debut EP with payment being in the form of sharing information about the group’s work across social media.

The band, made up of vocalist Danny Fairhurst, lead guitarist Dan Betts, rhythm guitarist Matt Lamb, bassist Andy Bradshaw and drummer Cohen Hale, has released EP Cautious Retreat Presents Cautious Retweet through a link on a special Twitter account.

The idea came about after the band signed to newly-formed company Single Barrel Management, founded by Bolton University student Adam Jackson who previously went to school with Cautious Retreat guitarist Dan.

Adam, from Bickershaw, said: “I’ve not seen any other bands I know trying this. You can download music for free all over the place now, but this way you still have to give something back to the band by sharing it on social media.

“It’s also a good way to get some exposure, though so far we ha ven’t had as many likes on Facebook and Twitter as downloads.”

Cautious Retreat will launch their new creation, made up of three originals, a cover and a live track, at a gig at St Peter’s Pavilion in Hindley in May featuring sets from solo artists Adam and Chantelle Elliott.

The group recorded the EP at The Lounge studios in Wigan and already has ambitious plans to record a full-length album at the studio of Rochdale-born singer Lisa Stansfield this summer.

Adam says the new songs beginning to take shape for the album are also rather different in style from the ones which have made Cautious Retreat’s name on their debut release and at their flamboyant live shows.

He said: “The EP has a pop-rock style but some of the songs they are writing at the moment are quite dark and heavy. The album will also tell a story.”

The band is currently preparing to return to the live arena with its biggest show to date at Liverpool’s O2 Academy, which is on April 18.

The band has made a big impact on the live music scene with its original songs and theatrical covers of tracks by the likes of Queen, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Tina Turner.

Cautious Retreat will launch their debut EP at St Peter’s Pavilion in Hindley on May 31. Tickets are £6 and available by ringing 07788 242797.

To download the EP, follow the release on Twitter @CautiousReTweet and follow the link on the main profile. To find out more about the band, search for Cautious Retreat on Facebook.