Twisted Ace in the pack returns

Twisted Ace
Twisted Ace
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WIGAN’s rock scene has an ace up its sleeve after a band once tipped for stardom returned with a new EP.

Twisted Ace, who played alongside the likes of Girlschool and influenced Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, announced their comeback after 33 years with new EP The Power of Three.

The group, now made up of singer Colin Robinson, guitarist and songwriter Phil Haywood and unofficial third member Caine Ward on drums, decided to try the music scene again after seeing the popularity of the songs they penned in the early ’80s online.

Twisted Ace has joined up once more with former record label FM and has also released a video for opening track Broken, with Phil saying they are both delighted and slightly humbled to be rocking out again.

Ashton musician Phil said: “About 12 months ago I typed Twisted Ace into Last FM while researching something and found someone in Eastern Europe listening to our tracks from 30 years ago.

“It seemed bizarre but the next time I looked someone from Asia was there. People were obviously still listening to our music so I rang Colin and asked if he wanted to give it a go again.

“He came down to Wigan and we did a couple of tracks which sounded good, so since then we’ve been recording new material.

“It’s fantastic to be back and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to know people stil care about what you do and remember you favourably after such a long time.”

Forming at the start of the 1980s Twisted Ace were a common site at Wigan rock clubs such as Mr M’s and Trucks during their short-lived time together.

Their three releases made waves on the scene which would form the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) featuring the likes of Iron Maiden and Def Leppard, with Motorhead’s management offering to help the group out.

Phil says Twisted Ace approached writing The Power of Three as thinking of the sort of music they would be playing had they never broken up, bringing a fresh contemporary twist to their classic rock sound.

Lyrically the EP moves from the serious Broken, about abusive relationships and recovering from them, to more straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll tracks Shout It Out! and Never Again.

Phil said: “It’s very much an updating of our sound.

“The old stuff was quite punk and naive, which is what was good about it.

“ut things have moved on a lot and we’ve now got a much more sophisticated sound.

“We’re drawing influences from the whole span of rock and so far the response has been universally excellent.”

The group is continuing to write songs.

“And they are now planning another EP next spring ahead of a full-length album which could be released by the end of 2016.

Having enjoyed some memorable live outings in the ’80s at venues such as the Hammersmith Palais and Liverpool Empire the band is also looking to return to the live scene, though it is most likely its first outings next summer will be acoustic before a full electric band is recruited.

The Power of Three, by Twisted Ace, is out now through iTunes and Amazon. For more information, search for the group on Facebook.