Venturing out on the scene


WITH a breezy sound of summer and a mixture of melodic and rabble-rousing vocals, ska-punk newcomers Venture are planning to make a big impact on the borough’s scene this year.

The Hindley Green-based five piece were formed after rising from the ashes of fellow unsigned group Skive after they broke up.

Formed of singer-songwriter and frontman Miles Burrows, his sister Lucy Burrows on lead vocals, drummer Michael Hargreaves, ukulele player Danny Simm and bassist Abby Healey, the group released their debut single Take Me Home at the end of last year and are currently working on their follow-up release, Stay With Me.

The group have come together rapidly behind their new vision, heading into the renowned Jaraf House studio with Merry Hell member John Kettle to cut their debut single last December after just a few rehearsals.

With the song matching an upbeat, rhythmic guitar part and laid-back drum grooves to the pure melodic tones of Lucy’s voice and the gruffer, livelier vocals provided by Miles, Venture are the latest band from Wigan to cross rock, punk and indie influences with the sun-kissed sounds of the Caribbean, a legacy of the interest in African-American styles of music in the borough which dates back to the heyday of soul.

With their first songs now rehearsed and under their belts, Venture are preparing for their first foray into the live arena next month, with a warm-up gig at The Wiganer in Hindley followed a week later by a slot at town centre venue Indiependence on one of their regular Friday night unsigned bills.

Ukulele player Danny said: “Venture was formed because Miles wanted to try something a bit different from the music Skive were playing. Miles and Michael played in Skive together and Lucy’s a really good singer.

“They called me and asked me to come down and play ukulele on their first song, and we all enjoyed it so much we decided to form a proper band out of it.

“We’re looking forward to our debut shows and are also promoting our next single, which will be out at the beginning of May.”

Venture play at The Wiganer, in Hindley, on March 8 and at Indiependence, on King Street West, on March 15.