Welsh gig brings singer full circle

Northward Faces
Northward Faces

A WIGAN musician is preparing to bring his career back to where it all began by performing for the man who discovered one of the bands who inspired him to start playing.

Ste Ashcroft will travel to South Wales to play at a gig organised by Alan McGee, who originally spotted Oasis and has also previously managed acts such as Primal Scream.

Swinley musician Ste will perform songs by his group Northward Faces, which is currently operating as a duo with Winstanley lead guitarist Stu Andrews after drummer Josh Buckley decided to move to Australia.

Although Ste admits he is not sure what will come from his 30-minute showcase on March 14, he says he is looking forward to showing off Northward Faces’ music to such an important figure in the 1990s music scene.

Ste said: “I was looking at his Facebook page and heard he had bought an old chapel and converted it into a purely acoustic venue.

“I messaged him and he asked me to send links to my original music and quite soon after was asked if I was available to play.

“I’m not going down looking for anything to come from it. If something does that’s great but if not it will just be a superb experience to play for him, meet him and get his opinion on what we are doing.

“I’ve been a fan of Oasis since the mid-90s when they came out, I loved the simplicity of this amazing music. After that I picked my guitar up and started playing seriously, so this gig has brought it all round full circle.”

Ste says he is currently putting the finishing touches to the setlist he will play for Alan McGee, whittling down the songs the band has written.

Ste and Stu will be continuing Northward Faces as a duo having already produced enough material for at least an EP, though no dates have yet been set for them to enter the recording studio.

Ste said: “We’re going to continue what we’re doing and we might look for another bass guitarist. It would be great if there’s a band for Josh to walk back into if he decides to come back.”

Ste Ashcroft will perform at The Tabernacle in Talgarth for Alan McGee on Saturday, March 14.

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