Wigan band ready for debut video launch

It has been just over a year since upcoming rock band Grapefruit first burst on to the Wigan music scene.

Now, following months of hard work and a goal to gain exposure at every given opportunity; the Ashton likely-lads are getting ready to release their first music video.

Grapefruit: (L-R) Damian Pemberton, Lee Davies, Ryan Moss, John Collier

Grapefruit: (L-R) Damian Pemberton, Lee Davies, Ryan Moss, John Collier

Last year saw the release of their first album “Goodbye, so long, Beverley” as well as a number of sell-out gigs.

One of the highlights of 2017, in the words of lead guitarist and vocalist John Collier, was Grapefruit’s appearance at Wigan Live, set at the revered Old Courts venue.

The Wigan Observer recently caught up with the band to see what is in store for 2018.

Building on the success of the last album, Grapefruit are now hoping to ensnare audiences with their latest single “You and Me”, written by John and developed by the band as a whole.

“It’s a universal love song,” he said. “It could relate to any couple, anywhere at any time. I took the song into the practice room, like I always do, and everyone just chipped in with their ideas.

“Keith Moon said songs are already in the air you just have to get hold of them, I think it’s like changing the tv channel.

“You’re looking for something to watch and you keep flicking through, just like playing the same chords forever, and then you stop on the right channel.”

John, who has recently become a dad-of-three, said that the band is keen to use any opportunity for people to hear their music.

“People don’t go out buying CDs anymore. They key now is more exposure, for people to hear us. We will play anywhere - gigs, festivals, anything. I am proud of our music I want people to hear it.”

Bassist Damian Pemberton, 26, dad to two girls said that in the past year the band has become stronger in more ways than just the music: “When we meet up it is just like a bunch of mates hanging out, only what comes out of it at the end is constructive.

“I don’t think we so much sound better than we did a year ago, I don’t think we needed to improve, but our presence as a band is better. People actually say we look like we are having so much fun on stage - and we are.”

Alongside Grapefruit vocalist Lee Davies and drummer Ryan Moss, the dedicated group battled December’s plummeting temperatures to film the base of their latest music video.

“We were standing in a car park,” said Damian.

“But when the lights were on us and it was all working how we envisaged it, it was a bit surreal. You kind of feel like you’ve made it, even if it is just for half an hour.”

The lads have already recorded half of the tracks for their new album, which is set to follow later this year.

“You and Me” will be released along with the accompanying video on January 25.