Wigan musician John preparing EP and single from life on the road

John Churton (left) busking in Paris
John Churton (left) busking in Paris

A well-travelled Wigan musician is preparing to release new music in 2019 inspired by his travels.

John Churton is currently based in Paris having spent much of the last few years working his way around Europe.

His globetrotting, and his experiences busking on the continent’s streets, has directly fed his unusual rootsy sound which blends British folk and American sounds.

And, having settled in the last couple of months into life in the City of Light combining looking after children with performing outdoors at some of Europe’s most famous locations, John (right) is now looking to get some of his songs recorded and available to music fans.

He has plans for a single called Mr Leprechaun and a four-track EP.

John, 21, said: “Mr Leprechaun was based on my first visit to Ireland.

“Travelling gave me the idea about gambling in life and taking a chance, whatever the consequences might be.”

The other songs on the planned EP, which will be called Crossroads, also take inspiration from John’s life on the road.

One in particular is extremely personal, a track John worked on with Norwegian musician Teodor Kristoffersen, who has now granted full rights over the song to him.

John said: “The song is about travelling and the lyrics are really clever with lots of puns in – like buying a watch if only I had the time, things like that.

“It’s all about being a poet-traveller, that sort of thing. Teodor thought it was quite applicable to me and that’s why he’s given it to me.

“We’re writing a song together at the moment as well. That’s still at its roots at the moment but it’s all coming together slowly.”

John says it will be next year before either the single Mr Leprechaun or the EP are ready for release.

He is looking at sorting out studio time in Paris and also finding the right photography and video deals.

John is also working with a web developer to give himself a suitable online presence before launching his music to a wider audience.

The former Hindley High School pupil has travelled far and wide in recent years, sharing his music in countries in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland as well as France and Spain and the UK.

He recently spent some time back in the borough while saving money to head out on the road again once he had his equipment, choosing the French capital city as his destination.

His years of wandering on the road have also given him the idea of creating an online directory of places which will support travelling musicians on their globetrotting.

He said: “I want to have a busking guide on the website with all the places I’ve found which I can pass on to other musicians. My favourite city to play in is Reykjavik in Iceland, the people are so happy and energetic.”

Despite the lure of the continent John is also thinking of developing his profile back in the UK and is keen to look at live venues.

He says he would particularly like to tour schools sharing his musical talents with the next generation.

To find out more or hear some of John’s music visit https://soundcloud.com/johnwchurton/