Ride for Ian to pass through town

A BIKE ride in memory of tragic Wigan submariner Ian Molyneux will pass through his hometown this month.

A group of seven cyclists will make their way from Barrow to Southampton on August 13 to raise money for the Forces Children’s Trust.

The group, consisting of some of Lt Cdr Molyneux’s colleagues from HMS Ambush, HMS Artgil and BAE Systems will call in at La Mamas restaurant in Standish during the opening leg of their journey where they will be greeted by some of his family and friends, including widow Gill.

The eatery was one of the couple’s favourite places to go when he was at home with his beloved family.

Lt Cdr Molyneux was killed while onboard HMS Astute in April last year, when he was shot dead by crewmate Ryan Donovan.

The ride will leave Barrow, where Ian worked on HMS Ambush, calling in Wigan on their first day before making their way to Southampton, where he was killed.

One of those taking part in the ride is CPO Craig Middleton, who knew Lt Cdr Molyneux as one of his senior officers.

He said: “Lt Cdr Molyneux was a fantastic man and someone who got on with everybody.

“He was very approachable and would take jokes as well as give them.

“He was an officer but would always join in with the banter between us all, he was just a great bloke.

“We decided to start at Barrow as that is where Ian worked on Ambush and to finish in Southampton for various reasons, including its officilation with HMS Artful.

“We wanted to pass through where he came from too, Lt Cdr Molyneux was a real family-orientated man and we got in touch with Gill about it and asked for her advice on who she would want us to do it for.”

The charity chosen, FCT, helps children whose father or mother has died, or has sustained life threatening injuries whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces.

CPO Middleton added: “I haven’t done as much training as others so I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for!”

“I don’t think my accumulated time training even adds up to the total distance so it should be interesting!

“There’s a reason we’re doing it though and that is what will get us all through it.”