Still time to experience the Blackpool Tower Panto!

The Blackpool Tower Circus Panto
The Blackpool Tower Circus Panto

The Christmas tree and decorations may be back in the loft for another 11 months, but there’s still time to enjoy the last remnants of the festive spirit before the full horror of January sets in.

And your magical carpet ride awaits to sample the Blackpool Tower Winter Pantomime, which runs until next Sunday, January 20.

The first half of the show is predominantly panto, with the tried-and-trusted fare of Aladdin, which we all know and love.

After the interval, the emphasis is much more circus acts, some of which you’ll have seen before, some you almost certainly won’t.

The vast majority of which were hugely entertaining, for young and old alike, providing gasps, and laughs, aplenty.

Mooky the Clown plays Aladdin, the star of the show, and it’s his boundless energy and enthusiasm that underpins the show.

Mr Boo as the genie provides ample support, with Kelly Banlaki a perfect Princess Jasmine.

And they save arguably the best til last, with the ‘Alternative 12 Days of Christmas’ something I’d never seen before, providing a memorable lasting impression of two hours very well spent.

Tickets start from £5.95 for toddlers (0-2 years old). A child’s (3 – 14 years old) ticket is £11.50 with adult (15+) tickets costing £14. For the best possible price, book your tickets online. Opening times vary.

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