What's your pet hate when you go to the cinema? Here's the top ten ...

Top ten cinema gripes
Top ten cinema gripes

Having your seat kicked by the person sitting behind you is the biggest irritation for cinema-goers.

The timeless distraction was named the most annoying thing about a trip to the pictures, ahead of talking among fellow audience members, a poll for RadioTimes.com found.

The modern problem of mobile phone use came third in the survey followed by folk eating noisy food.

Tim Glanfield, of RadioTimes.com said: “Watching a movie on the big screen should be a memorable experience; however, we all want to leave remembering the plot, on-screen performances and cinematography, not the people sitting behind us.

“In a digital world it’s perhaps surprising to see mobile phone use topped by such a basic and timeless annoyance.

“Perhaps it’s time for the cinema chains to change their messaging at the beginning of films: ‘Turn off your phone, sit back, relax, don’t kick the seat in front of you, and enjoy the film.’”

This is the breakdown of the responses to the RadioTimes.com poll:

1. Having your seat kicked - 29.5 per cent;

2. Talking - 24.1 per cent;

3. Phone use - 15.8 per cent;

4. Eating noisy food - 7.5 per cent;

5. People who sit in the wrong seat and refuse to move - 6.9 per cent;

6. Walking in and out during the film - 5.5 per cent;

7. Kissing and cuddling - 3.2 per cent;

8. Someone encroaching on your seat - three per cent;

9. Eating smelly food - 2.9 per cent;

10. Slurping drinks - 1.6 per cent.