Book review: Let the Good Times Roll by Lynda Page

Welcome back to a new season of sunshine and scheming at Jolly's holiday camp'¦ the perfect place to enjoy Sixties-style romance and adventure.
Let the Good Times RollbyLynda PageLet the Good Times RollbyLynda Page
Let the Good Times RollbyLynda Page

Lynda Page, one of Britain’s best-loved saga queens, serves up another delicious helping of nostalgia in a captivating series that offers love, life and drama on every page.

Let the Good Times Roll, which follows on from the success of Where Memories Are Made, is packed with an eclectic cast of characters, from the overworked staff manager to the ambitious entertainers, as Page sweeps us away to an age of chalet shenanigans and good, old-fashioned holiday fun.

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It might only be day two of the new season but, apart from a couple of glitches, Jolly’s holiday camp boss Harold Rose is proud of the way things are running so smoothly. He hopes it stays that way too to prove to the owner, Drina Jolly, that she hasn’t made an error of judgment by putting him in charge.

Nursery assistant Patsy Mathers, meanwhile, dreams of landing a job with the entertainments team, known to one and all as the Stripeys, where she would be able to prove that she has a born talent for singing and dancing.

And sure enough, she gets her big break when the entertainments boss Terry Jones is exposed as a serial womaniser who slept with a teenage guest and made her pregnant. His instant dismissal leads to Patsy landing the coveted role of Head Stripey.

Patsy can’t believe her good luck and is determined to do her best but fellow Stripey Daphne ‘Dixie’ Carter has other ideas... Dixie believes she should have got the top job and is willing to use anybody and do anything to get what she wants.

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With the smooth running of the camp now under serious threat, Harold will have to rally his troops to ensure that Jolly’s holiday camp remains the place where the good times roll…

As always, Page manages to make a visit to Jolly’s an unforgettable experience as the hard-pressed staff struggle to cope with the demands of their guests as well as their own behind-the-scenes betrayals, dilemmas and romances.

Expect humour, moments of farce, high emotion and high drama as the season at Jolly’s takes some unexpected twists and turns… and don’t forget to book in for your next visit!

(Headline, paperback, £6.99)

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