Channel 4 viewers to experience life with sight loss

Viewers might be rubbing their eyes - Channel 4 is airing a blurred ad break to allow people to experience what life is like with sight loss.
Do not adjust your sets..Do not adjust your sets..
Do not adjust your sets..

The broadcaster has teamed up with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to screen adverts with special visual filters.

Broadcast during the new series of The Undateables, it will show how millions of people see, while suffering with everything from cloudy to tunnel vision.

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Filters have been applied to adverts for O2 and Freeview to show what life is like for people with the five most common eye conditions in the UK - macular degeneration, eye conditions caused by diabetes, cataracts, hemianopia - which causes people to lose half their vision - and glaucoma.

The campaign is designed to highlight the importance of eye care during National Eye Health Week.

RNIB director Sophie Castell said: "This unique opportunity... will help show viewers different sight loss conditions and what living with sight loss can be like."

It will be broadcast at around 9.15pm and then repeated, with audio description for viewers with a visual impairment, at 9.30pm today (Monday).

Earlier this year, Channel 4 broadcast the world's first TV advert live from inside the human body - a live colonoscopy, as part of a campaign for Cancer Research UK.