Ride Across Britain: Nicole Tur

Nicole Tur, 41, a working mother, who, fed up with being the only female cyclist in her club, set up her blog The Only Girl in the Club.
Nicola TurNicola Tur
Nicola Tur

She says: “I love the freedom cycling provides. It’s in those quiet moments that I can piece together what’s happening in my life or I’m just free to escape from it. Those moments of solitude outside are so cleansing, it’s like a form of meditation. I’m expecting the ride to be a tough but rewarding challenge that I’ll never forget. I’ve heard the camaraderie, the food and the support team is amazing. Apparently the first day in Cornwall is really hilly so it’s a hard start but Glen Coe is one of my favourite places in the world so I’m really excited that we cycle through there.”