Are Wiganers prepared to pay more for their milk as prices rocket?

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The price of milk has risen significantly due to supply chain disruptions and is expected to soar even further as dairy farmers struggle due to shortages of fertiliser and feed.

So are Wigan residents prepared to fork out more for their pintas?

Impacts on the dairy industry have been caused not only by the Covid-19 pandemic, but from further pressures due to the rise in energy costs and the conflict in Ukraine creating more knock-on effects, with Russia and Ukraine being some of the leading exporters in feriliser and wheat-feed for cattle.

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It’s been tough on the dairy industry but as many families are already struggling to keep afloat with inflation rates, it’s proving a difficult time of hardship for everyone.

Grazing dairy cows in Cornwall farmland with wind turbines in the backgroundGrazing dairy cows in Cornwall farmland with wind turbines in the background
Grazing dairy cows in Cornwall farmland with wind turbines in the background
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We tried to reach out to local dairies to share their experience however, we have recieved no reply and despite our efforts, many were reluctant to talk. Though one dairy did tell us that farmers are working really hard 24/7 to meet supply and demand, especially throughout the pandemic and that farmers are already treated poorly as it is.

We shared a post on our Facebook page, asking readers whether they would be willing to pay the higher prices for milk to help struggling dairy farmers.

The reaction was mixed opinions though people agreed that they would be happy to pay the higher prices to help local dairy farmers and some already prefer to use a local milkman.

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Many families shared that they are struggling with the current rise in inflation so they simply can not afford to pay more.

Some people no longer drink dairy milk due to reasons such as dietry requirements and some refuse to pay higher prices as they don’t believe dairy farmers are really struggling.

Here is a sample of their answers:

Rebecca Herd sad: “Yes, Definitely. They get squeezed by the supermarkets.”

Matthew Brown said: “Yes, I would do anything to help dairy farmers.”

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Marie Hurst said: “Ask a family who have young and are struggling to get by that question. Life’s tough as it is.”

Steph Davies said: “No, I buy where’s cheaper. I think everyone is struggling at the moment.”

Adam Pemberton said: “Say it every time I buy milk, ‘how do farmers make money at these prices?’”

Dave Lacy said: “I see the houses the dairy farmers own and live in, not a chance!”

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James Tate said: “Certainly would if I could, nothing left in the purse.”

Matt Hunt said: “This question shouldn’t be put to already struggling people, it should be put to the Government who have made everyone struggle unecessarily.”

Syvia Jenkins said: “Yes, everyone deserves a decent price.”

Andrew Johnson said: “Plant-based for me.”

Nicola Cowser said: “I do anyway. I need lactose-free milk which is expensive enough.”

Sonya Halliwell said: “I already use a modern milkman.”

Paul Jenkins said: “Yes, I can’t believe I can pay more for a bottle of water than a bottle of milk.”

Rose Jones said: “Yes, it’s not a problem. We need to support our farmers.”