Asda car park is being used as a shortcut to avoid Saddle Junction delays

As the hold-ups at Saddle Junction look set to worsen, hundreds of motorists have taken to social media to voice their frustration.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 11:34 am
Updated Friday, 28th September 2018, 1:02 pm
Traffic at the Saddle Junction

Currently long snarl-ups are being experienced daily as three inbound lanes from Warrington Road have been reduced to two.

So frustrated are motorists, that some have started cutting through Asda car park to come out by Kwik Fit.

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Furious comments have poured in to Wigan Council, with people called the scheme “nonsense” and a “never-ending disaster”.

Andrew Williams, said: “Been queued for over twenty minutes to get through Saddle Junction. What in earth have you done?”

Darren Smith added: “Great job your doing there with Saddle Junction - probably the worst roundabout in the North West”.

One resident questioned the impact of the roadworks on the emergency services, whose new base opened on Robin Park Road earlier this year.

Addressing the town hall, Jon Kane said: “Several issues with the re-design of saddle junction. Main one is actually hazardous to health. The traffic you have now caused, and will cause by slowing down Saddle Junction, will slow down Wigan’s emergency services.

“Seen as they all have to navigate through Saddle Junction. You have now increased the call out times, so three or four cyclists who cycle past the junction can theoretically have a safer and slower journey. What a joke.”

Skeptics also raised concerns that the cycle lanes will not be used by cyclists and that they may still choose to stay on the road despite purpose-built lanes.

Mick Dahl said: “Is there any chance of Wigan Council admitting that they might have got this seriously wrong? As I have not heard one positive thing about this bike lane not even from seasoned cyclists.”

Cyclist, Paul Cheetham, confirmed that he does not use the new cycle lanes where they have been implemented.

“Must admit I don’t use the new widened kerb that has the cycle lane, much faster on the road than dodging OAPS, kids and general ********* who think it’s now a carpark.”