Politician gives support for pubs in row over rent demands

A borough MP has called for greater support for publicans facing financial pressure from breweries during the coronavirus lockdown.
James Grundy MPJames Grundy MP
James Grundy MP

Leigh MP James Grundy has written to the Government on behalf of local pub landlords who are still being charged rent by breweries and other large companies, despite the measures that are preventing public houses from operating to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MP’s call for action comes after private renters have been given a three month “protection from eviction” period by the Government, though there is currently no rent suspension imposed upon breweries.

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This means pub landlords are having to pay rent as normal to their brewery, whilst receiving no income due to pubs being closed to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking on his letter, Mr Grundy said: “Though public houses are able to claim for a variety of small grants and relief, after paying for other outgoings, given the lack of income from trade, they are unable to afford the rents that breweries are charging.

“Many pub landlords consider that the rents that these breweries continue to charge are unreasonable and unaffordable given the current circumstances of the Covid-19 lockdown.

“If such a suspension were put in place, it would go a considerable way to stabilising the businesses of those pub landlords affected by this issue, which is why I have written to the Government to help resolve this matter.”