Wigan mum with terminal cancer opens wellness clinic to help others

A Wigan mum has been inspired by her battle with terminal cancer to open a wellness clinic to help people stay healthy.

Estelle Wignall, 27, was given the heartbreaking news last autumn that the ovarian cancer she beat two years earlier had returned and she had just two to three years to live.

The diagnosis came just months after the birth of her first child Brooke, now 14 months, and Estelle knew she had to do everything she could to fight the disease.

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Estelle WignallEstelle Wignall
Estelle Wignall
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And that led to her setting up a wellness centre at her home in Hindley.

Estelle said: “I have just opened The Haleness Lounge, which is basically like a wellness clinic which does things that are good for people in pain. They are like complementary therapies or alternative therapies that I am using for myself because I have cancer.

“It’s things that I have been researching for myself and realised they have so many benefits, not just for people with illnesses but people in general.

“They are quite expensive and there is nothing like it around here, so I thought people could come here rather than spending all the thousands of pounds they might have to otherwise. I could do it affordably for them.”

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Estelle is offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.

It is best known for its use by deep sea divers, but can also be used to help a range of medical conditions. She says it can help those with cancer, endometriosis, strokes, multiple sclerosis and other issues.

She has an infra-red sauna, which she says can warm the body from the inside, and red light or near infra-red light therapy to boost collagen and tackle wrinkles.

Estelle is also offering PEMF therapy, which she says can add energy to cells to aid good health.

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She said: “This is just from me being diagnosed and researching it all. I have just qualified on some courses. They are not mandatory courses, but I want to know as much as I can before I offer them.

“I am using all these things now for myself and I am finding such a huge difference in my health since I started using them. I wanted to let other people try them out, because not many people have heard of them.”

Estelle had a hysterectomy eight weeks ago and recently did a round of a maintenance drug as she prepares to have an operation on her lungs. Her CA125 level - a marker of ovarian cancer in the blood - has plummeted.

And she credits the alternative therapies she is using for helping to keep her feeling well.

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She said: “I am really good. I feel very healthy and vibrant. To say I’m supposed to have stage four cancer and I am nearly a year into my diagnosis of two to three years to live, I am feeling better off now. I’m feeling fantastic.”

Estelle has turned the conservatory at her home into her wellness clinic, so she can see how much interest there is in the therapies before renting a commercial premises.

To find out more, search for The Haleness Lounge on Facebook or Instagram.

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