Wigan warehouse plans up for debate

The site off Willow Road in Beech HillThe site off Willow Road in Beech Hill
The site off Willow Road in Beech Hill
Plans to build a large warehouse in a patch of Wigan green belt are set to be rubber-stamped by the town hall.

Members of Wigan Council’s planning committee will meet this week to discuss proposals to build a storage warehouse of more than 2,700 sqm, an office and car parking on a farm in Beech Hill.

The applicant, G&B North West Ltd - a manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), is hoping to extend its business at the Giants Hall Farm site off Willow Road.

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Wigan West representatives, Coun Terrence Halliwell, Coun Stephen Dawber and Coun Phyllis Cullen have raised concerns about the impact the development will have on residents however despite this, the committee is being advised to approve the application subject to a number of conditions including a full “biodiversity mitigation and enhancement plan”.

An accompanying letter reads: “Couns Halliwell, Dawber and Cullen have requested the application go before planning committee on the grounds that it will lead to an increase in traffic through the Beech Hill estate, congestion and conflict with HGVs and other vehicles, and the potential for impact from noxious fumes.”

According to the report; the existing G&B site comprises “several large industrial units” but is screened by a “heavily wooded” area.

If successful, a 93m by 30m building will be constructed with office, industry and storage uses, accessed by Standish Wood Lane - a continuation of Willow Road.

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“The building is required to provide additional storage facilities on site, replacing off-site storage facilities within the Pemberton area,” reads the document.

“The applicant has presented a case that the consolidation of uses on this site will enable the more efficient operation of the business.”

As well as the councillors’ concerns, six letters of objection have been received, including a petition, and one letter of support.

Residents argue that due to the impacts of odours and traffic - the business should relocate to an employment area.

No objection has been put forward by the environmental protection department, however the document reveals previous complaints regarding “smells” have been reported but none have been substantiated.

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