These primary and secondary schools are the most overcrowded in Wigan

There are more than 3,500 supersize schools in England – is your child’s school one of them?

Figures published by the Department of Education for the 2020/21 academic year show 3,537 schools were operating at or beyond their capacity with a combined 56,000 extra pupils on their roll.

There were more than 2,700 primary schools over capacity across England, with almost 21,000 extra pupils between them, and more than 750 secondary schools over capacity, with an extra 35,000 pupils.

In total these schools were over capacity by 56,368 pupils.

A school is at or in excess of capacity when the number of pupils enrolled is greater than or equal to its number of places.

How does your child’s local school compare?

Here we reveal which schools in Wigan were the most overcrowded.