Wigan mother calls for school children to be vaccinated in passionate Twitter video

A Wigan mother of two has expressed her concerns in a passionate Twitter video over the reopening of schools with children still unvaccinated.

Thursday, 19th August 2021, 4:57 pm
Updated Friday, 20th August 2021, 9:20 am
Lisa Diaz went to Twitter to share her concerns

Lisa Diaz, 40, posted the clip yesterday, with it hitting over 2,000 likes, 1,000 retweets and 87,000 views.

She urges people in power to act swiftly to make it safe for the younger generation to return to education.

In the video she said: “In a couple of weeks time I am expected to send the two people most important and precious to me, in the whole wide world, into a class with 30 other unvaccinated bodies, with no masks, no social distancing and inadequate ventilation.

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“It’s not good enough. It’s a myth that kids don’t catch Covid. Being told a child is more likely to be hit by a bus is a lie. I know about 30 kids personally who have caught Covid, but I don’t know any who have been hit by a bus.

“It’s also a lie that kids don’t get severely ill. Why are we letting this virus rip amongst children.”

The mother stated before meeting with other families during the school holidays, she has been doing lateral flow tests as well as wearing masks and keeping a distance.

She wants to see children vaccinated before a return to the classroom.

Lisa Diaz

“It is infuriating there is a vaccine for over 12s but they’re not even letting us have that. It is appalling and depressing.

“I want my children to be in school, but just like how I wouldn’t send them into a burning building, I’m not going to send them into a classroom which is highly conducive to the spread.”

You can watch the video here.

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