Botched Wigan hip operation patient wins £28,000 pay-out

A woman has received £28,000 in compensation from a world-acclaimed Wigan hospital after she needed further surgery just days after undergoing a hip replacement.
Wrightington Hospital is world famous for joint replacement surgeryWrightington Hospital is world famous for joint replacement surgery
Wrightington Hospital is world famous for joint replacement surgery

Within the space of a week of the initial operation at Wrightington, the 43-year-old was back in theatre after suffering a dislocation.

The unnamed woman, who works as a beautician, went under the knife in 2018 after years of suffering with osteoarthritis.

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After the operation she was in severe pain and was reviewed by a number of clinicians when it became apparent that she could not move the joint as expected.

An X-ray a few days later showed posterior dislocation of the prosthesis.

It is believed it occurred when she was told that the replacement was in situ and she could mobilise. It was noted that the hip was “grossly unstable.”

The next day she underwent what is called a a “closed reduction” of the dislocated left hip replacement.

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But after this, the patient complained of altered sensation in her left leg.

A further X-ray was performed which did not reveal a change, but she was still in pain.

A couple of days later, her hip was clicking so she was sent for a CT scan which revealed dislocation of the prothetic joint.

She was then told that she needed a revision of the replacement.

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It was alleged that as a direct consequence of the negligence, the artificial socket was excessively twisted inward, which caused instability and the inevitable need for more surgery.

The patient contacted law firm Fletchers to pursue a legal claim on her behalf.

Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) has now paid her £28,000.

Wrightington normally has a sparkling reputation for joint replacement surgery, former surgeon Sir John Charnley having pioneered it and the hospital remains one of the best in the world for such procedures.

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Niall Murtagh, senior litigation executive at Fletchers, said: “The claimant suffered for an extended period of pain and suffering, which required two further episodes of general anaesthesia and surgery. Further, the claimant dislocated her hip having been told she could mobilise.

“As the operation was undertaken by a posterior approach, it was inevitable that it would require revision to correct the position of the acetabulum. As the cup was placed in excessive anteversion, the operation was not undertaken to a reasonable standard and this was a breach of duty.

“The claimant was reviewed by the operating surgeon and it was noted that the hip was grossly unstable and needed revision.

“The claimant was allowed to continue to mobilise and this was a breach of duty.”

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Additional to the pain and additional surgery to the hip, the woman has lost confidence, lacks motivation and has suffered psychologically.

The woman said: “Thank you so much to Fletchers for your support, most importantly for listening to me and taking my opinions into consideration. Amazing team!”

A WWL spokesperson said: “The safety and care for our patients is the Trust’s number one priority and we pride ourselves on our high standards, compassion and understanding.

“The Trust has accepted full responsibility for these circumstances and has expressed its unreserved apologies to the patient. A review into the incident has allowed us to make a number of changes over the past three years to eliminate the possibility of this type of incident occurring in the future.”

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