Are you ready for children to go back to school? Here are your views...

We asked our readers and followers on Facebook what they thought about the possibility of children returning to school.
Would you send your children to school in June if that was the guidance?Would you send your children to school in June if that was the guidance?
Would you send your children to school in June if that was the guidance?

There is currently no plan of children returning to school, as is the case with most things, the focus is on the current lockdown.

But we wanted to know what our readers around Wigan thought and whether they would be ready to send their children into school.

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There were those for and against, and here's what some had to say on it...

Diane Rowe said: "I won't be sending my daughter to school as her eldest brother has Cystic Fibrosis and is being shielded for as long as possible. We as a family have been following government guidelines and I'm not putting him at risk and undoing all our hard work keeping him well until we know its fully safe."

Tara Margaret Hampson said: "I go to college and I don’t want to go back until it’s safe to do so. If that means it’s after summer holidays then so be it. I’d rather not risk my health, the staff, students and the health of my parents."

Pete Johnson said: "I'm a teacher and my class is overcrowded. Absolutely no social distancing could possibly take place. I'd imagine that if they ease anything in June, it would have to be with the idea that workforce in work places (and children at school) would have 2 metres between them but I know we couldn't do that. My next thought is if we are bringing them back in June, 2-3 weeks before we breakup for summer it wouldn't help limiting the possible spread only encourage it. Wait until September."

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Sarah Jayne Ferris said: "Unfortunately I am not a scientist, a doctor or in any other profession that would give me the extensive knowledge and understanding that these professionals have. Therefore I will await the governments advice and follow it.​"

J.L. Clarkey said: "The only reason they want kids back in school is to start the economy again so the parents can start to return to work! When it’s safe to go back, we should phase return, I honestly don’t trust our government though!"

Chloe Collier said: "I don't feel safe to send my children back, I don't think experts can reassure us it's safe so soon after easing lockdown, I feel for the teachers safety as well as the kids"

Paul Reid said: "My kids have been into school quite a bit as both me and my wife are still in work. No issues at all and they have been in contact with other children. I get the argument if they have underlying health conditions though, no guarantee they will have the virus under control in September and you can't keep them off forever."

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Jade Robinson said: "I won't be sending my children they have cystic fibrosis. We have been in shielding now for 8 weeks and will be staying this way until we know it's fully safe to go out. I am the one to decide that it is safe for my kids to go out and back to school not anyone else, their health comes before anything."

Claire Hunter said: "If the scientists say its safe then my son will be there. There are hundreds of illnesses and infections going round ones that directly effect kids and we send them to school every day."

John Byrne said: "Definitely, yes. If the UK’s senior scientists and medical advisers deem it safe why would I suggest I know more than them?"

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