YOUR views on the change to lockdown restrictions

We asked our readers and followers on Facebook what they thought about the recent change to lockdown.
We asked for your thoughts on the changes to lockdown.We asked for your thoughts on the changes to lockdown.
We asked for your thoughts on the changes to lockdown.

In a speech on Sunday, Boris Johnson allowed more freedom to the public, with unlimited trips out for exercise and meeting one member of a different household amongst the measures that have changed.

We asked if Johnson got it right, you had your say and here's what the people of Lancashire thought about it...

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Katie Hall said: "It’s all part of their herd immunity strategy. We are just their guinea pigs. Our statistics are the highest in the country and they want us following the same procedures as the region with the lowest numbers?! Really we should stay indoors until our regional numbers come down to a safe level."

Jemma King said: "No sense at all. We can go to a beach or park with 1000's of others, but I can't go and sit in my mother's garden, or see any of my other family or friends?"

Sarah Hesketh said: "I think there trying for herd immunity. Send the kiddies back to school as they are strong enough to fight it and won’t strain the NHS. Next will be teenagers, young adults etc. No other way to eradicate it except vaccine but don’t think we have a successful vaccine for coronavirus."

Victoria Gregson said: "I didn’t find it confusing. If you can work from home then you should. If you can’t, and you’re not hindered by childcare, then you should go to work, employing the basic safety measures we’re all used to by now."

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Steven Atherton said: "He's doing okay in this terrible time, the whole country is suffering in different ways, he's also got advisers giving him all sorts of advice, the pressure is on. Some things I agree with and some I don't, one thing I won't take on board, is my six-year-old won't be going back to school until this lockdown is full taken down, my children are not test subjects."

Andy McCoombes said: "Seems clear to me. Stay at home as much as you can. Only come out of necessary to work, shop or assist a vulnerable person."

Susan Seddon said: "I thought it was straight forward and easy to understand. The only thing I don’t agree with is reception class and year one children being the first to go back as this is a very important way of communication with this age group."

Rachel Katherine McCarthy said: "I understood it perfectly, however it’s all so open ended and can't be structured properly."

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John Ronin Dermott said: "I don’t think anyone has the knowledge or experience to judge if all the experts on the planet can’t come up with a solution how can a few people on Facebook have all the answers?"

Yvonne Harrison said: "After seven weeks people needed to feel that sometime in the future we could see a way out of this mess, so he has started with three baby steps which will help people who are having mental health issues and anybody with any common sense will understand what he is trying to do."

Fiona Verron said: "Most of it was good but I think the idea to reopen schools from June 1st starting with kids most difficult to socially distance with is extremely irresponsible and dangerous to children, parents and school staff."

Vicky Johnson said: "I think his messaging was confusing and had the potential to cause chaos. Once more clarity is provided it might not be too bad but difficult to judge at the moment."