Fears for the safety of Wigan care home residents after inspection

A troubled Wigan care home is in hot water for the fifth time running after watchdogs found that standards had nose-dived further with particular concerns about the wrong administration of drugs and foods.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 1:28 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 2:33 pm
Dean Wood Manor in Orrell

Dean Wood Manor in Orrell has been ordered to make improvements by the Care Quality Commission after inspectors voiced serious patient safety concerns.

Following a visit earlier this year, they marked the Spring Road home as “requires improvements” with an “inadequate” safety rating, writing: “The inspection was brought forward because we had received complaints about the home and intelligence to indicate that the quality of care people were receiving had deteriorated.

“Following our inspection, we informed the local authority of our immediate concerns in relation to people’s safety. The local authority are currently supporting the home with a service improvement plan.”

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Particular concerns were raised about the “unsafe” management of patients’ medicines.

One nurse was seen “incorrectly” giving inhalers to patients with lung conditions, which inspectors feared would reduce effectiveness. The same employee left the medicine trolley unlocked and unsupervised more than once.

Inspectors also found a resident had twice been given the wrong dose of blood-thinning medicine and was denied laxatives because the home had run out. Several instances were reported of medication either being given incorrectly or reported wrongly in files.

Fears were also raised about patients’ diet plans.

The report read: “We found two of the people were documented as being given foods that could have exposed them to the significant risk of harm. The foods documented included; biscuits, pasties, apple crumble, mince pies and Christmas cake.

“During the inspection the inspector observed a person taking a tub of thickener from the cupboard.

“The inspector had to inform staff as they had not seen this. Consuming thickener powder is of significant risk to the person if consumed.”

Reports had been made to the CQC that two patients were suffering from pressure sores, which could have been prevented as redness was spotted on their skin before sores broke out.

Inspectors added: “We checked six people’s pressure mattresses to see if they were on the correct setting which is determined by people’s weight.

Some of the people were in bed at the time of us checking the mattresses. None of the six mattresses checked was on the correct setting.”

In April 2018, a report rated Dean Wood services as “requires improvements” but with “good” areas of inspection.

A 2017 inspection found it required improvements in four of the five key assessment areas.

In 2016 it was found to be inadequate on two separate occasions and was put in special measures.

The home will be monitored by Wigan Council and the CQC until it can prove that significant improvements have been made.