A gospel sound for Rick

AS Rick Astley recently celebrated his 50th birthday, he announces he has used a gospel choir for his latest album.
Rick AstleyRick Astley
Rick Astley

The Newton-le-Willows singer, who is currently working on his first album in 10 years, told Warrington Guardian: “It’s funny because I’ve worked with a few gospel choirs over the years and I also had a song called Cry For Help back in 1991 that had a choir on it.

“A couple of these songs are in that ballpark. I’m not saying I’ve made a gospel record but they have a kind of chorus that hopefully makes people want to sing along.

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“One of the things I always respond to in a record is the vocals, especially when you add great harmonies to it.”

He also revealed that he was once a backing singer for the soundtrack of The Lion King, as he knew Elton John, who composed the Disney film’s music.

He added: “I think it’s the least removed you can be from making music because it’s just about people singing together and when that works it’s an amazing thing.”

Rick became friendly with Sir Elton as his musical director was married to a friend of his wife, Lena.

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He recalled his first meeting: “I was thinking: ‘I’m sat at the dinner table with Elton John, this is just bizarre’. We were also in LA which just added to it.

“He asked if I was making a new record and said: ‘If you want me to play piano on it just give me a ring’.

“Sure enough he came and played a few tunes. It was bonkers.

“That was on the same album that Cry For Help was on and we kept in touch.”