Just Eat hit: Dream-come-true Doing Bits taking Golborne, Wigan by storm

You can have an Angus beef burger covered in melted Monterey Jack cheese, hash brown bites, and chunks of chicken. On the side, you can have fries scattered with pieces of steak, doused in fajita seasoning, and served with south west sauce. For dessert, you can have a waffle, some crepes, or pancakes with lashings of whipped cream.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 10:35 am
Famed for its indulgent desserts, Doing Bits is a foodie's dream.
Famed for its indulgent desserts, Doing Bits is a foodie's dream.

This is Doing Bits Street Food and Desserts.

Located on Heath Street in Golborne and opened last September, the fast food joint is a world of indulgence: the burgers are built high, the fries are packed full, and the desserts tend along the theme of chocolate explosion. And people love it. Rave reviews are ten a penny, with some calling it 'the best takeaway I've ever had' and most promising to be back soon. The results are in, and Doing Bits is a hit.

A family-run business, Doing Bits is owned by Jack Whitworth (28) and managed by his sister Sally Lou Whitworth (24). The pair grew up five doors down from the restaurant back in its days as a sweet shop and they'd spend their pocket money there. So when Jack - who runs his own construction firm - saw it for sale, he couldn't resist.

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Some of Doing Bits' fries.

"I fit shops with my construction company, so I always wanted to do my own," said Jack, who spent two years gutting and redoing the place before opening last September. "I have mad ideas, and the street food and desserts idea was quirky, something completely different. It's gone down very, very well.

"Since it's opened, we've tripled the turnover, we've added to the menu, we're flying on Just Eat..." added Jack. "I couldn't have gone better. It's been a dream come true."

Now with nine employees, Doing Bits was started with the aim of being unique according to Sally. "We just wanted to do something more modern for Golborne. It was a bit of a random venture, but it's been received very well [and] we're constantly improving the menu, talking to customers, trying new things. It's gone a lot better than we thought."

Jack, who says his favourite thing on the menu are the Bosses Order Fries 'by a mile', describes the food as quirky, random, and US-style, harking back to his American granddad. Echoing her brother, Sally - who is partial to the Meat Feast Pizza Fries - said: "I'd say our food is full of flavour, unique, and filling - we're not about the healthy stuff, we like a good dirty meal!"

(From left) Sally Whitworth, Jack Whitworth, the boxer James Moorcroft, Chris, and Cindy, Sally and Jack's mother.
The takeaway's food has gone down a storm since it opened last year.
Doing Bits is owned by Jack Whitworth, with his sister Sally the manager.
The slick Doing Bits restaurant.