Wigan Hotel wants food tasters for "extinct" meals

“Extinct” meals from decades and even a century ago may make a comeback to an Up Holland hotel bar menu if they pass the taste test of modern palates.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 9:51 am
Bill Kenyon has come up with a new plan for his hotels menu
Bill Kenyon has come up with a new plan for his hotels menu

The Holland Hall Hotel is now looking for prospective members of a food tasting panel who will pass judgement on a range of mystery and experimental meals.

“Over the decades and centuries menus and meals have changed according to availability, fashion, health-consciousness and budget - with all sorts of examples of creativity tackling restrictions of the time,” said Bill Kenyon.

“Quite often, meals of 50 years or more ago were composed of what we might consider these days to be food basics, often locally-sourced, which, in many cases, meant meals were surprisingly healthy because processed food was an utterly alien concept.

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“I’ve been working with our chefs to research bygone meals and menus, and, without giving the game away, some of the foods we’ll be having the tasting panel check out will be good illustrations of what fresh local foods can deliver taste-wise, but also past-times belief that no part of an animal should be wasted.”

The food tasting panel will be 10 people, with applicants invited to write 200 words about their own experiences of food, dining out, or memories of “extinct” meals. T

They will need to send their 200 word submission and details to [email protected]

Bill has already jokingly recreated a dish from the 16th century - an olde worlde pie peas and gravy - as an April’s Fool jape earlier this year and is now following it up with his latest idea.