16 empty shops in the heart of Wigan - what businesses would you like to see bring them to life again?

Few would agree that Wigan isn’t as bustling a place as it was a generation ago.

Changing retail habits, a recession, Covid and cost of living crisis have all taken their toll.

As a result there is an unwelcome number of empty retail and hospitality units in the heart of the town as our 16 photographs reveal.

High rates and rents as well as the ongoing transformation of the Galleries have made this an even harder time for the town centre.

Some residents say that we should be encouraging more shops here – either to give Wigan a second chance or try it for the first time. Others say the future for the town – as exemplified by the new Galleries25 project in the offing – needs to be in hospitality, leisure and accommodation.

So Wigan Today is asking its readers to identify what they would like to see occupying these empty spaces.

Please let us know by emailing [email protected]

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