TO be buried alive is everyone’s worst nightmare. Even thinking about being trapped underground in a coffin starts the heart pounding.
A scene from Dead SimpleA scene from Dead Simple
A scene from Dead Simple

Dead Simple is the first play by internationally known horror writer Peter James, whose books are wildly successful in 35 different languages.

The decision to turn his block-buster Dead Simple into a stage play has brought him even more success. The thrilling story is a spine-chilling cracker.

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There was an almost full house at Manchester Opera House when the play opened and it was soon in its spooky stride, as a group of friends at their friend’s stag do decided to bury him alive to get their own back.

The intention is to leave him six feet under for an hour or two. But then the tricksters are killed in a car crash.

It’s an enthralling story of passion, greed, scratches on coffin lids and it unfolds in totally gripping style. And often the whole theatre is plunged into pitch black. Very effective.

As the coffin-encased wealthy businessman Mike, Jamie Lomus turned in a great performance – it was possible to feel his fear. Tina Hobley, appearing on stage for the first time in over a decade after being in Holby City, was stylish and former Coronation Street actors Rik Makarem and Gray O’Brien added quality acting.

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The whole cast deserves praise, especially young actor Josh Brown, making his theatre debut. As the dim-wit, he was a treat.

Just now, you won’t find a better thriller than Dead Simple. It is a truly spooky treat.

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