A great new meat-ing place!

A Wigan restaurateur is planning to transform a former butchers shop into a multi-floor bar and music venue.

A licensing application has been submitted to the town hall to turn the former Traditional English Butchers Shop on Market Street, Hindley, into a new cocktail and wine bar called Kore.

Documents submitted by Kai Binder - manager of the nearby Summat To Ate restaurant - reveal a vision for a venue set over two floors, with a beer garden to the rear, in the shadows of St Benedict RC Church.

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Licence requests have been put forward for Kore to host live and recorded music, supply of alcohol and late night refreshment up to 2am.

Designs for the trendy new bar were drawn up by Pye Design, a Hindley-based architectural firm that has carried out work on several Wigan buildings, including many primary schools.

The blueprints include a new shop front, a stage on the ground floor and a first floor rear extension which will house the venue’s toilets.

There are also plans for a disabled access door and ramp towards the side of the building’s exterior. If successful, the application will completely transform the former butchers shop, which was owned by Rodney Allister.

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Rodney owned the Market Street shop for nearly four decades after emigrating from Australia. But under the current licensing act, Kore will have to adhere to strict regulations if the plans go ahead.

No external loud speakers will be allowed in the beer garden, which must be closed by 10pm every day. The owners will also have to carry out regular assessments to monitor noises levels coming from the premises on every occasion when the bar is hosting entertainment.

Staff will also have to stick to the “Time, gentlemen, please” tradition of reminding customers to leave the venue promptly at closing time, and to do so in a quiet manner.

The premises will also have to maintain a refusals book to record the details of incidents where a sale of alcohol has been refused to someone who looks underage. The application is currently pending consideration, with the standard consultation period set to last until May 2.

More details can be found at wigan.gov.uk using the reference number A/17/83607/CU.

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