Amazing drone image of forgotten landmark

A local photograper has captured an Up Holland landmark as it has never been seen before.
St Joseph's CollegeSt Joseph's College
St Joseph's College

This stunning photo of St Joseph’s College was taken by Pemberton snapper Brian King with the use of a quadcopter.

The 65-year-old is a keen photographer, and began using the drone to take pictures around 18 months ago.

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Mr King said: “It was just one of those toys I really needed, I had to have. I’ve always been into photography, and up there it’s a different world.”

“I’d never had my quadcopter up at a seminary, and I just thought it would be interesting to get some different angled shots. You don’t see it every day from up there. I first noticed it last week because I was up Ashurst Beacon, and I sent it right up in the air and I could just see it in the distance, so I thought I’d have a trip up some day.”