Are your children spinning their fidgets?

It's the latest toy trend to sweep the nation, and it's overtaking offices as well as playgrounds.

Friday, 12th May 2017, 4:22 pm
Updated Monday, 15th May 2017, 9:26 am
Fidget spinners are the latest toy craze

Fidget spinners have been flying off the shelves across the UK, with many retailers selling out fast as more youngsters and even adults become desperate to get their hands on them.

The in-demand toys can be held between the fingers and flicked or spun around. The spinning gadgets are being lauded as great stress relievers, and some have even touted them as calming children with ADHD, autism and behaviour disorders.

The popular little gadgets join similar items in the battle to distract us, such as the fidget cube - a six-sided dice sized toy which includes click buttons, a roller ball, flip switch, spinning wheel, gliding wheel and even a ‘breathe’ tool designed to reduce anxiety when rubbed.

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Fidget spinners are available at all major stockists including eBay, Toys R Us and are being sold for as little as 93 pence on Amazon.

And whether you’re a serial fidgeter, a parent being pestered or just in dire need of some stress relief, there are some retailers closer to home that are selling the popular little gizmos for around £3-4.

The Works - Marketgate Shopping Centre - 01942 245267.

Smyths Toys Superstores - Robin Retail Park - 01942 211685.

Ryman Stationery, also in Marketgate Shopping Centre, is expecting to sell fidget spinners very soon, but is currently awaiting stock and was unable to confirm when stock would be available.

It is recommended to check ahead with stores to make sure they’re still in stock.

But a word of caution for any parents being annoyed by their children to get them the latest must have toy; many schools have banned the spinners from playgrounds, saying they are dangerous if thrown and are a distraction in the classroom.