Big Listening Project: Wigan Council's way of hearing what you say

Members of the Big Listening Project team on the listening sofaMembers of the Big Listening Project team on the listening sofa
Members of the Big Listening Project team on the listening sofa
Wigan Council are taking action with a Big Listening Project, as part of their bid to hear residents and partners' concerns.

Since September, people have had the chance to relay their thoughts on what they think needs to be tackled in the community in the next 10 years, while also expressing what they love about Wigan Borough.

The Big Listening Project team visited 75 locations, spoke to more than 2,500 people and received almost 5,000 ideas or suggestions from people about what they want Wigan to look and feel like by 2030.

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From high streets and schools to business events and Big Listening days there have been many opportunities for residents to join in the conversation – and people have really engaged with the project setting out their hopes for the area in the future.

All comments heard by Wigan Council will be used to help design The Deal 2030, which is a vision for the borough over the next decade and builds on the foundations already set by The Deal.

The Deal transformed the way the council works with communities across Wigan Borough, when it was launched in 2014, by creating an informal contract between the council and residents.

Leader of Wigan Council Councillor David Molyneux said: “The Deal has revolutionised the way we work with our communities and partners and through building closer ties with our partners we have fared better than many other councils despite being one of the most affected local authorities in the country by government cuts.

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“We have come so far but we could not have done all we have without the support of our residents and I want to thank everyone for playing their role. It has been great to speak to people through The Big listening Project to hear how passionate they are about our borough and how they see we can work together to make Wigan Borough thrive in the future.

“The Deal 2030 will be a truly collaborative vision that works for everyone.

“We know residents are passionate about their community and we have been listening to what you have been telling us - we will work with you and our partners to make a difference.”

The Deal 2030 will be launched in March 2019.

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