Burglars go on a destructive rampage

Burglars stole a car and then went on a destructive rampage in which they ploughed into several cars and then hit a building.

Jason Liptrot, from Higher Folds, and Stefan O’Sullivan from Leigh will face a crown court judge for sentencing after admitting a host of offences.

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court heard how the burglars took the keys to the Saab estate and Liptrot got behind the wheel with O’Sullivan as a passenger.

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Liptrot then smashed into five stationary vehicles before the police finally brought the car to a halt.

The Saab was also seen speeding through the streets of Leigh and recklessly charging through roundabouts, prosecutor Nicola Yeadon told the magistrates.

Liptrot and O’Sullivan broke into the address on Osborne Grove at around 4am on February 26.

Magistrates heard that a young woman who lives in the house with her father was abruptly woken by a loud banging sound in the early hours of the morning and when she went to investigate found the two defendants inside the property.

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They had already seized the keys to the Saab and made their getaway in the vehicle after being discovered by the teenager, Mrs Yeadon told the court.

The speeding vehicle was then spotted being driven erratically along Queensway around half an hour after the burglary had been reported and the police quickly apprehended the vehicle.

Officers found Liptrot, 18, was driving with no insurance and he then swore repeatedly at the officers and refused to provide a breath sample when he was asked.

Liptrot, of Glamis Close in Higher Folds, pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal, aggravated vehicle theft of the Saab with dangerous driving, being behind the wheel without third party insurance and refusing to provide a sample when asked by the police.

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His 22-year-old co-defendant, of Little Pasture in Leigh, pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal and being a passenger in a stolen vehicle which was being driven dangerously.

Liptrot and O’Sullivan were represented in court by Bill Pearson, who told the magistrates he had nothing to add to the prosecution’s account of the events at this stage.

The bench was told that both defendants had entered timely guilty pleas to the charges.

The magistrates sent the case on to Bolton Crown Court for sentencing, with Liptrot and O’Sullivan now both set to appear in front of the judge there on March 27.

Both defendants were remanded into custody.