Bus bosses' mission to end Wigan delays

Borough transport bosses have stepped in to help a frustrated commuter who claimed his job was at risk due to Wigan's new bus station construction.
The new Wigan bus station under constructionThe new Wigan bus station under construction
The new Wigan bus station under construction

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are to contact Simon who feared he could face the sack due to the displacement of bus stops, which made him late for work on regular occasions.

He had faced an arduous journey from his Beech Hill home to his job in Ashton ever sinceTfGM began work on the new multi-million pound station last summer.

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The 31-year-old used to be able to hop off the 625 in Richmond Street, and take a one-minute walk across the station to catch the 600 towards Ashton.

But since the closure, he found himself having a lengthy walk across the town centre to Wallgate, often missing the connecting bus due to its infrequency.

The changes have made Mr Ardrey late for work several times, and he feared the problem could cost him his job as a driver if it continues for much longer.

“There’s been a bit of a kick-off at work. It does cause a bit of trouble,” he said.

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“At first I was starting work later, because I was getting in late. But now I have to go in earlier to make up time, because I’ve been showing up late.

“Hopefully I won’t lose my job over it.”

Simon fumed: “I haven’t got half an hour to stand about waiting for a bus.

“There have been times when I have had to get a taxi instead, which costs me about £12 a go.”

But TfGM have now told the frustrated passenger via the Observer that a much closer temporary Stand B, around the corner in Hallgate, is available to hop on the 600, and apologised for the confusion.

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They are also urging anyone needing information about which temporary stop is right for them, to call in to the travel shop in Hallgate or visit their website.

Wigan bus station closed in July 2017 to allow for a £15.7m redevelopment.

The new station is scheduled to open by the end of 2018.

In the meantime, temporary bus stops are set up across the town centre, including in Market Street, Hallgate, King Street, Library Street and Parsons Walk.

The work has been met with mixed reaction so far from local residents and businesses.

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Some have reported an increase in footfall due to the changing locations of the bus stops, while others have raised safety concerns due to heavy machinery making the buildings shake.

For more information and updates on the bus station, visit www.tfgm.com/interchanges/wigan.