Care homes improve after watchdog visit

Three care homes have been judged to have made a number of improvements by watchdogs.

Friday, 23rd September 2016, 2:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:51 pm
The Old Rectory in Standish

Healtwatch Wigan carried out follow-up inspections at the three Wigan care homes to check that they had acted on criticisms noted at previous inspections.

Norfolk House in Springfield, The Old Rectory in Standish and St George’s in Wigan were all found to have taken in board advice from the previous Enter and View reports and made the recommended improvements.

The planned and announced visits enabled Healthwatch representatives to view the care and environment, the interaction between staff and residents, and meal time routine, following previous Healthwatch visits conducted in 2015.

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Norfolk House, Norfolk Street, Springfield

Volunteers viewed various areas of each home and spoke to staff, residents and visitors.

Dave Nunns, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Wigan said “It is really encouraging that our volunteers were able to see real improvements in these home since our last visits.

“A number of our recommendations from the first visits have been put into practice and the homes have improved as a result.”

The resulting reports outline what was observed on the visits, particularly in relation to the previous Healthwatch reports and any recent CQC inspections, and include any recommendations based on those observations.

Norfolk House, Norfolk Street, Springfield

Overall, Healthwatch noted that the homes have improved since the last visits and residents were well cared for.

The inspectors noted that the owners and staff at Norfolk House have done a lot since their last visit to make it a welcoming place for the residents that helps them with their daily lives.

The colour schemes, signage and visual aids have all been improved and a refurbishment of damaged bedrooms is continuing.

The team were also pleased that the dining experience for residents has improved and that the residents are enjoying the food provided.

They commended The Old Rectory for the positive steps taken since their last visit as well as that of the CQC.

Inspectors recognised that there are inevitable difficulties in providing services from an old building but the home should continue to upgrade its facilities to provide the best possible environment for its residents.

The Enter and View team were impressed not only with the improvements made at St George’s in response to the HWW and CQC reports but with the “innovation, enthusiasm and eagerness” to continue to make the home even better.

Healthwatch Wigan have made some recommendations for continuing to improve the care homes, and Wigan Council have committed to working with the managers and owners to implement these improvements.

The visits were conducted by Enter and View Panel members who are trained volunteers. The role is not to inspect rather than to look, listen and ask questions from a lay perspective.