Cat vanishes from Wigan home after horrific dog attack

A Wigan woman is appealing for answers after two dogs broke through her garden fence and dragged her cat away.

The plea from Hindley Green resident, Julie Barlow, is also being backed by animal charity, Cats Protection Atherton & Wigan who originally homed the cat.

The distraught pet owner has been searching for her Tortoiseshell cat Amber, since Monday when the horrific incident happened in her own back garden.

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She said: “One of my cats has been savaged by two dogs who were off the lead and walking on a public footpath at the back of our garden.

“One of the large dogs has broken through a neighbour’s fence panel and then one of our fence panels chasing her. They must have gone through it with some force.

“The dog has then dragged our cat away and then gone off with another dog with her. We cannot find any trace of her.”

Julie said that the family believe Amber to be dead, but that they want to find her and what happened to her.

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The incident happened at the back of Bexhill Drive in Hindley Green and the path from where the dogs came runs at the back of Cambourne Drive.

“Our neighbors witnessed the whole thing and are very upset,” Julie added. “We were at work when it happened but they saw it. There was a man with the dogs who claimed they were not his. Amber is tortoiseshell and white and was wearing a leopard print collar. She is micro-chipped.

“We think from what our neighbors have said she was already dead when they dragged her off. The two dogs involved were lurcher type dogs one white, one brindle-striped.

“The neighbours whose garden it went into first often have children playing in there, so it could have been a lot worse.

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“It’s quite frightening that people would allow their dogs to be off the lead when they are like that.”

Following the appeal, hundreds of animal lovers have come forward with messages of support for Julie.

One woman said: “Heartbreaking, what a terrible thing to happen to your cat, but not knowing if she’s alive and suffering is so sad. Hope she’s found soon.”

The police were informed of the incident and visited the family.

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“They will be conducting door to door enquiries in our neighbourhood soon,” added Julie.

“So hopefully we will get some answers then.”

By law a dog is considered to be dangerously out of control if it injures a person or makes someone worry that they could be injured and also when it attacks someone else’s animal.