Classic comedy duo celebrated again in Wigan

Hold onto your hats: the Sons of the Desert are entering their second quarter century in Wigan.
Laurel and HardyLaurel and Hardy
Laurel and Hardy

On Saturday, September 1, at Bryn Masonic Hall, fans of Laurel and Hardy from all over the country will gather for the 26th annual festival celebrating the silver screen’s greatest comedy double act.

Other news: Winter Hill fire probe turns to WiganAnd Wiganers young and old are being urged to join in a party packed with laughs, films and facts about Stan and Ollie.

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As has become the custom, one highlight of the Laurel and HarDay, as it’s known, is to have a quiz on the pair based on popular TV game shows. This year Pointless gets the L&H touch.

Expert Antony Mitchell-Waite will give a talk about lookalikes and re-enactors accompanied by some rare film clips.

There is footage too of an episode from the early 1990s of a Bob Monkhouse’s $64,000 Question while Gary Winstanley, Grand Sheikh of the Dirty Work “tent” (each branch of the international fan club is named after one of the Boys’ films), will be promoting the 2019 Sons of the Desert UK convention which is being held in Haydock.

There will be screenings of several of Laurel and Hardy’s films plus a montage which includes clips from every one of the 107 shorts and feature films they made together.

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And as ever, the event plays host to the annual world Kneesy Earsy Nosy championships in which contestants perform a co-ordination trick, perfected by Stan Laurel, in front of a panel of judges who gradually eliminate them until a winner is declared.

Gary said: “It promises to be another great annual event.

“Anyone young or old can come along and have a fun day with the world’s greatest comedy double act.”

The doors open at 12.30pm for a 1pm start at the masonic hall on Bryn Road and carries on all afternoon and into the early evening. Admission is just £5.