Costa Coffee adds booze to its menu

Coffee lovers who fancy something more than a caffeine kick may be in luck - as a Costa Coffee branch is set to add booze to its menu.

The branch, located in the posh borough of Wandsworth, south west London, claims it is the first coffee shop in the UK to sell alcohol.

Wine and cider will join coffees, teas and Frappuccinos - as well as beloved Irish coffees - as the coffee chain trials a new range of drinks.

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It could mean pub managers will be forced to view humble coffee shops as their new competition.

Pinot grigio wine at £4.95 for a medium glass and £18.95 for a bottle will be available to customers in the evenings.

And Hoxton cider at £4.50 will also be on offer at the branch.

Jason Cotta, managing director of Costa Coffee UK and Ireland, said: “This is an exciting time for Costa Coffee.

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“As core coffee options become well established favourites, we believe coffee lovers are ready for the next generation of beverages.

“Alongside our Mocha Italia espresso-based drinks, we are proud to launch new beans, brews and coffee experiences to our customers.

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“The trial of the new store in Wandsworth affirms our commitment to making coffee interesting, exciting and accessible to all.”

The high street coffee shop will also be staying open later and extending its hours from 4pm until 9pm Monday to Saturday and until 7pm on Sundays.

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Deb Caldow, head of proposition development at Costa Coffee added: “As the UK’s favourite coffee shop, we want to inspire the nation to try something different and hope the new range will encourage them to do so.

“Our Wandsworth store will serve high-quality coffee, handcrafted with care and passion by our baristas, in a stylish new environment.”

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But pub managers were keen to stress they were not bothered about the new competition.

Speaking on behalf of pub chain Wetherspoons, Eddie Gershon said: “We wouldn’t fear coffee shops getting in on the alcohol action, ultimately it’s up to them.

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“If they’ve applied for and been granted a licence that’s fine - then people will have to make their own minds up.

“It’s fair enough really, we sell some great coffee.”