Drunk banged on doors demanding money for drugs

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court

Residents alerted police when a drunken man began knocking on doors on their estate, demanding money for drugs, Wigan and Leigh magistrates were told.

And when officers arrived in Ena Crescent, Leigh, they discovered Aron John Heaton-Crosby leaning up against a wall, repeatedly hammering on one house’s door, the court heard.

Heaton-Crosby, 30, initially took no notice of the police, during the incident at around 8.50pm on Wednesday January 17, and carried on knocking, said prosecutor Katie Beattie.

But when officers finally managed to attract his attention, he swore at them and started calling them “paedos”, the court was told.

He was warned about his behaviour, said Ms Beattie, but he continued to be abusive towards the officers and so was eventually arrested,

Police established that the suspect had no links to any of the addresses at which he had been calling.

Ms Beattie said a 999 call had been made initially by one of the residents because of Heaton-Crosby’s “aggressive attitude”, and the fact that he was asking them for money so he could buy drugs.

Heaton-Crosby, of Dakins Road, Leigh, admitted to being drunk and disorderly and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

He was also ordered by the magistrates to pay £85 in court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Representing himself in court, the defendant, who is being treated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), appealed to the justices for assistance with his problem drinking.

He added: “I don’t really remember what happened because I had been drinking.

“If I don’t drink then things like this don’t happen.

“I want some help because it’s not fair on my mum or my nan.”

Magistrates said that they would refer Heaton-Crosby to the court’s drugs liaison officer.