Idiots risk lives on Wigan town centre scaffolding

The scaffolding in Wigan town centreThe scaffolding in Wigan town centre
The scaffolding in Wigan town centre
Idiotic youngsters who were spotted climbing on the scaffolding on a Wigan town centre building have been criticised.

Two children were seen parading about tens of feet above the ground on the temporary structure covering the Thomas Cook travel agents on Market Place.

The pair recklessly put themselves in danger as they clambered over several levels of scaffolding and dangled their legs over the side.

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They even stuck their grinning faces, partly obscured by their clothing, out of the structure and made gestures at passers-by.

The incident happened at around 7pm on Wednesday and has sparked an immediate response from the council, which says it is deeply concerned and wants Wiganers to help ensure other youngsters do not emulate them.

Will Blandamer, assistant director for partnership safeguarding and reform, said: “Unauthorised people accessing scaffolding is extremely dangerous and we would strongly advise against anyone doing so.

“We would also advise all parents and carers to warn their children of the dangers of trespassing on potentially dangerous structures.”

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Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said it had received no reports about it.

Thomas Cook said its retail and security team is now investigating the concerning incident.

It is not the first time Wigan youngsters have endangered themselves and caused problems for the emergency services by getting into sites where they should not be and with the summer holidays beginning this weekend, authorities are keen to warn youngsters not to take any risks while they are out and about with friends.