Man accused of carjacking broken down vehicle

A man has been accused of hijacking a car waiting to be towed away by a recovery truck.
Gadbury FoldGadbury Fold
Gadbury Fold

It is alleged that Karl Hughes forced at knifepoint Michael Lloyd, who was said to be waiting with the Nissan Micra while his boss went for breakdown help, to sit in its passenger seat while he tried to drive it away from its parking space on Gadbury Fold, Atherton, then abandoned it damaged.

The bizarre incident is alleged to have happened on November 17 2018.

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Hughes, 34, of West Bank Street, Atherton, has yet to plead on those matters which have now been sent to be heard by a Bolton Crown Court judge on October 16.

But he has pleaded guilty to assaulting Liam Harrison and Georgia Shone by beating and threatening to smash their windows on September 16. On these matters he is due to return to Wigan Magistrates’ Court on October 19. He was released on conditional bail until then.