Police have recovered more than £1m for fraud victims in the region this year

Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) Economic Crime Hub, tasked with tackling fraud and increasing awareness of scams, has retrieved £1,002,552 since January.
GMP has recovered more than 1m for fraud victims this yearGMP has recovered more than 1m for fraud victims this year
GMP has recovered more than 1m for fraud victims this year

The team contacts those who have been victims of fraud and supports them in order to reduce offenders repeatedly targeting them as well as gathering intelligence on upcoming and prevalent scams to inform the public how to protect themselves.

The Hub recently received a report of a mandate fraud, a scam where fraudsters pretend to be an organisation the victim pays regularly.

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Examples of such payments include money sent to a supplier or a membership or subscription fee.

Scammers deceive victims into changing the details of the bank transfer.

The victim in the recent case changed the standing order from the regular supplier into that of the fraudster and lost a significant amount of money. The team assisted and got back £4,537.

The Cyber and Economic Crime Awareness Service (CECAS) has been making people aware of scams and providing safeguarding for victims since November 2017.

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Detective Superintendent Estelle Mathieson, Head of CECAS, said: “The impact of fraud can be both financially and emotionally devastating but, the incredible amount of money we have recovered so far this year sends a clear message to victims, that we will investigate their reports thoroughly, and that we are taking action to disrupt and stop fraudsters offending.

“Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the tactics they use to scam people, but the more information we can give people about fraud and how to protect themselves, the easier it will be to stop it from taking place.

“We have seen with the current coronavirus pandemic, fraudsters using this uncertain time to exploit innocent people out of their hard-earned money.

"Now more than ever, we are encouraging people to follow our advice and take the time to think before they part with their money or sensitive information."

More information is available on Twitter by following @gmpfraud

Anyone who suspects they have been a victim of fraud should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.